Modasa city

Do you know all about the city of Modasa?

Many friends don’t know much about the city of Modasa. The city of Modasa is known education. The city of Modasa is headquarter in Aravalli district of Gujarat. In a small town, the city of Modasa is calculated. It is a sight to see that there is such a place in this city. The best places in the city include the temple of Sai baba, the garden of the municipality, the Devaraj temple outside the city. The bus station in Modasa city collides with the bus stations of major cities of Gujarat. The city is a beautiful and small town on the banks of the river Mazum.

How did the name of the Modasa city fall?

The name of the modasa city is derived from Mahudasa. There was no name of Modasa before. In the Modasa the first Muslim population and the Kadia, and the Vaishnav population were larger.

Famous items from the city of Modasa.

Well-known institutes of education (school, college)

Modasa city is popular in education. Popular school list in modasa is KN Shah High School, JB Shah High School, Kalarav School, Saraswati School, Genius School, Prathana School, New Lip School, Bright Junior high School, Chanakya high School. Shri Mala Gandhi institute are popular in higher education. People come from outside to get late education. The Tatva engineering college and government engineering college out of area Modasa. There are also government schools such as School No. 1,2,3, Kumar primary School, Kanya primary School in Modasa.

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Famous shops in the city of Modasa

Jagabhai tea stole is very popular in modasa. Jagabhai’s tea shop is located next to the Government Industrial Training Institute and in front of the taluka panchayat. The Jack of, Fashion Terror, Shulin, Goti are popular in clothing. Shops known for paving are Manmohan, Bhavangari known shop. Kachhi Dabeli, Dilkhush Dabeli, Jay Bhavani and Karnavati Dabeli are famous for fast food. Pallets Hotel, Swagat Hotel, National Hotel, famous for its food in the city of Modasa.

Rasikbhai tea is also known in Modasa. Ambalal Chhaganlal Shop, Shushila, and Hiteshwala’s shop have been known for their home-grown items. Raju’s Panipuri is equally famous. Modasa mobile market is very popular. Bhavsar sugarcane juice is best all them.

More popular shop

Gayatri electric, Gurudev electric shop is famous for the electrics shop. The hospital has a well-known hospital, Swastik, Sanjeevani, Rajvi hospital, Sarvmangal, Aimes etc.

Modasa city

Modasa city

Festival of the city of Modasa.

Navratri is a most hotbed in the city of Modasa. Famous Navratri list are Ramjat, Kalyan Chowk, Bandhan Party Plot, Rampark. Ganapati, Nandotsav, Uttarayan festival are also known in the city of Modasa.

The famous temple located in the city of Modasa.

Mostly people tuesday goes to Ganapati Dada’s temple in Modasa city. Thousands of devotees come to Sai Baba’s temple every Thursday. Hanumanji tample is famous in Sakariya village. So close to the city is the famous Devrajdham. It is believed to be the largest mosque after Mecca in the city of Modasa.

In addition, there is a railway station across Malpur Road in Modasa city. In the city, the theft rate, robbery is negligible. Modasa is one of the safest cities in the other city. The city I love also comes to Modasa City. Secondly if you want post office, BSNL office, UGVCL office, town service sadan, police station, district panchayat, taluka panchayat, bus station, railway station.

Names of nearest cities of Modasa

Himatnagar is the closest to the city of Modasa. Other nearby cities include Baid, Malpur, Meghraj, Lunawada, Gandhinagar, etc. There are cities in Megharaj, Malpur, Baid and Modasa Aravalli districts. Lunawada, and Malpur city are on the way to Godhra from Modasa. The city of Baid is en route from Modasa to Nadiad. Himatnagar city is on its way from Modasa to Ambaji.

Modasa population 2019

The city of Modasa is one of the smaller cities. Modasa is the district center of Aravalli district. The city is divided into 12 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. According to the 2011 census, there are 13,917 families and 67,648 people in the city of Modasa, of which 34,917 are male and 32,731 are female. And the average sex ratio is 937.

The city of Modasa has 8362 children aged 0 to 6 years, with boys 4466 and girls 3896. And that’s 12% of the total population. And these kids have a sex ratio of 872.

As per the Census 2011, the literacy rate of Modasa is 87.2%. Thus Modasa has higher literacy rate compared to 75.8% of Sabarkantha district. The male literacy rate is 92.92% and the female literacy rate is 81.1% in Modasa.

Modasa Municipality has total administration over 13,917 houses to which it supplies basic amenities such as water and sewerage. It is also authorize to build roads within Municipality limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction.


Map of modasa


Modasa pincode

City pincode is 383315.

Modasa video

Modasa shahar ke kuch aese video yaha pe rakhe gaye hai jo apne kabhi nahi dekhe hoge. Me janta hu tab tak modasa gujarat ka shaikshanik shaharo me se aek hai. Shikshan ke kshetra me modasa bahut age badha hua shahar hai. Modasa me kai sare bade bade building hai. Shahar me kai sari sarkari sanstha ye bhi hai. Muje to bahut achha lagta hai yah shahar. Kai sare log yaha gumne firne ke liye bhi ate hai. Modasa ki collage itni achhi hai ki yaha pe kai sare neta log ke bachhe bhi padhne aate hai.

Modasa new bus station

Today we are providing modasa bus station information. Modasa bus station is more than best for Himmatnagar bus station. Modasa is very most popular city. Is shahar ke log bahut buddhi shali hai. Ye log bahut shikshit hai, aur shikshan ne bhi inka prabhav hai. Achha kamane me ye log bahut age hai. City me traffic ki bahut samasya raheti hai. Pahele ka bus station bahut ganda tha, par naya banena vala bus station bahut sundar hai. Iski swachhata ka koi javab nahi hai.

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